Summer time !

This summer is steaming hot!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and planning some wonderful activities for all those warm summer nights! This year our movies in the park with our partnership with the City of Arcadia has been steaming hot! In just four movies we have already topped last years biggest attended movie- The Lego Movie (650 people) with Frozen Sing Along (over 800 people)! Lets break that record again this year!

We want to thank all of our sponsors this year as they all stepped it up to bring a very entertaining Friday event to the community. Two Men and a Truck, Advanced Dentistry, The Epilepsy Foundation, REACH, Togo’s and of course the City of Arcadia Parks and Recreation department. Each week there are fun activities for all the kids to participate in. Come join us in a wonderful community event from 6pm-10pm every Friday until August 21st!

Toronto institute

This year the Toronto institute was in San Diego due to the Pan-Am games in Toronto. We were blessed to have many of the leaders in our field of person centered practices, Beth Mont, John O’Brien, along with one of the most amazing community building teachers John McKnight. Often you will hear me mention these names in our trainings as there work and expertise make up much of our foundation of what we do here at CHOICESS.

Please watch the video at the top of the post!

Another presenter was Anne Donnellan and she shared some free resources about autism: This is a free downloadable book that discuss the how movement effects individuals with autism.

Coming up next:

Our 2nd Annual CHOICESS Disc Golf Tournament is happening on October 3rd, 2015 at La Mirada County Park. Pre-registration is $25 and at the door registration is $40

All Staff training:

Mark your calendars! September 25th we are having our quarterly all staff meeting!

Rather then a quote here is a poem from one of my favorite people.


forget for a moment
how you came to be
here or why
and simply
leave aside all
the cumbersome maps
which are after all
mere measurements that
cannot fathom or touch
the holy ground
on which you now
yes you have journeyed far
but are your eyes wide enough
with wonder to take in
this mysterious moment
at the crossroads of here and
because there is of course
no turning back
all those yesterdays
are but blessed bends
along the road to today
where now is always
a beginning

from the heart, mind, and pen of Minx



be well- joe