Spring is in the air!

Hello everyone! Time to kick start your gardens and get ready for earth day events all month long! A time to remember how we can take care of mother earth so that it can take care of us. There will be many events all over the southland providing some fun times with education and learning on how we can all do better at working together with nature. Here are a few events that you maybe interested in attending with some very fun activities, music and food.








The power of words and a changing the story:


The month of April has been determined that we need to pay attention to and celebrate the gifts of our family and friends who have autism. I am not sure of the history of how April was chosen, but for years I have participated in walks or activities that are related to helping our communities discover the many talents that individuals with autism have.

This month we will attend walks, runs and events in hopes to bring awareness. Our hopes are that individuals that we know and love that live with Autism will become more included and welcomed in their neighborhoods, schools and communities. I am always inspired when I come across a way to change and grow and to think bigger then before. That occurred with I found this link:




In 2011 they began to think of a way to take our awareness approach a little further and ask Why not acceptance?

To challenge all of us to understand that autistic individuals are “friends, family members, children, partners, co-workers, fellow-citizens, customers and neighbors.” Here are a few more quotes that stood out to me:

“Autism is a natural part of the human experience”

“Autism is not going anywhere”

“It is our world too”

“There are all kinds of minds, and this world is big enough for all of us”

My whole adult life has been working to include and welcome everyone. Now that I am into my second half of my life, I still find that I what I truly want for others that are different, is acceptance. It is natural for all of use to want to belong to someone or something. We want to be included. It’s a natural human instinct to want to be valued. So it seems like a natural fit to take the next step from awareness to acceptance.

As a father with a little girl with autism, I would like nothing more than for her to be accepted and valued for all of the wonderful things that she is. Enjoy the website they have a wonderful place for individuals with autism to share what they like about being autistic and what they think acceptance is for them.





Some fun activities to explore:


The Renfair is back!




April Drum Circle

2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Yale and Walnut, Irvine, CA (map)


As always, be well.