March Blog

Cal TASH 32nd Annual Conference a March 6 – 7th, 2015 at

 Hilton Orange County Airport

18800 MacArthur Blvd.

Irvine, CA  92612


Have you ever had a time when you needed to help someone resolve a conflict that they were experiencing? You create a time and place where both parties could engage in a structured and safe conversation to explore the differences they were experiencing and together, they would come to a resolution.

We are in the business of helping each person in our community, build and maintain a relationship with all of their staff, community and family members. Sometimes, there comes a time where we are asked to help someone think through some tough decisions that will change the way and or who they are working with.

At the Cal TASH conference, I explored with a group of about 25 people this approach on Conflict, Change and Resolution (creating at healing environment) by IMG_2052Angeles Arrien. She is a cultural anthropologist that has studied thousands of cultures across the world and has discovered many universal concepts that effect how we handle our relationships.


Did you know that 85% of the planet has a different meaning of yes and no then us in the west.

Yes = acknowledgement of a point of view

lt does not mean agreement

No = a boundary and a limit

It does not mean I disagree or do not like you


Well I know I have confused those two concepts and maybe that is a good reason why conflict is so hard to go through.IMG_2055

As supported living providers and direct support staff the one thing that we can count on is change. Everyone lives differently and every situation is unique. The better we are at being able to help guide individuals with disabilities to think through life situations and explore what they notice and how they feel, we will empower each other and have better success in those touchy times.

It was an enjoyable conversation, to be able to explore and share these concepts. It’s a simple approach to create partnerships with each other.

IMG_2057We had one of our new ladies we support, Blair, attend Cal TASH this year and she seemed to have a great time. She attended a long time friend Richard Rosenberg’s presentation about inclusion. Richard and Blair go back from her school days, and at the end of the presentation Richard asked Blair if she would chime in and share her wisdom with the participants. Blair facilitated a response
March 28th I will be heading to Sacramento to work together with state officials and Regional centers to matters of supported living. I was asked if I would represent Supported living providers with a state holder meeting with DDS, Regional Centers and other providers.


as always, be well.