Getting ready for the harvest?


Hello Everyone, here is a quick round up of goings-on in and around the agency!

Our next staff gathering is 9/25/15 at 10:30 am at the Woman’s club in Arcadia, located at: 324 S 1st Ave, Arcadia, CA 91006. We will also be having a staff meeting at 4pm at the CHOICESS office.

We will explore our requirement of our Zero Tolerance policy, as well as review our new sick leave policy.  More importantly, we will explore some questions that define the quality of our support.  We will explore some of the work of Peter Leidy has done. Peter has explored the ingredients that make up great support staff and I feel he has a lot of good stuff to offer.

Here are a few questions to wet your taste buds, come prepared to share your thoughts!

In what ways do you see positive possibilities for someone you support?

In what ways do you help someone you support assume valued roles in their community?

What are some of the gifts you bring to the work you do and the relationships you have?

What makes for a good team?

What helps you feel respected, valued, and supported in your work?


“The ABLE Act Explained” by Heather Sachs, Director of State Government Affairs, National Down Syndrome Society.

The Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (“ABLE”) was signed by President Obama in December 2014 and has been hailed as the most significant piece of legislation for the disability community since the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The ABLE Act amends the tax code to allow states to offer tax-exempt savings (“ABLE”) accounts to qualified individuals without jeopardizing their eligibility for means-tested public benefits. Each state must pass its own version of an ABLE Act before the accounts become available.  Ms. Sachs will explain the basics of the federal ABLE Act and the status of ABLE on the state level. This could be a game-changer for many families and individuals with disabilities who will now be able to save for the future.”

Another opportunity is coming to California! We do not know how long it will be before California adopts the ABLE act. Some other states have already adapted this and it will make a huge difference in the lives of the individuals that we support. The ABLE act will allow individuals to save money and have larger personal resources AND it will not effect their basic benefits. We have signed up to hear about the ABLE act on September 24th at 1:30 pm. If you are interested in hearing about it come by the office and we can listen together and see where California is on this long awaited legislation.


The Disc Golf Tournament is coming! The Disc Golf Tournament is Coming!

That is right! Our 2nd Annual Disc Golf Tournament Fundraiser is back and it is better than ever! It’s taking place on:

October 3, 2015
La Mirada Regional Park
13701 S. Adelfa Ave, La Mirada CA 90638


Registration is open and it’s only $25 to play! Every player will receive a player pack that includes a CHOICESS Stamped disc, RVCA t-shirt, free Robeks drink card, a Dental kit, and Hawaiian Tropic Sunblock!

This is going to be amazing event and for all individuals that we serve you get to play for free. Come enjoy a day of some fun and more importantly help us to raise some money so that we can continue to build our communication and technology fund. All the proceeds will go to support communication technologies such as IPADS, and subsidized internet access for those that do not have it.

As always, be well!