4th Annual Disc Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Event Phone: 626-359-3300

  • 4th Annual Disc Golf Tournament Fundraiser
    September 30, 2017
    8:00 am - 1:00 pm

CHECK OUT OUR FAQ section at the bottom of this post! 

We are very excited to announce our  4th Annual Disc Golf Tournament Fundraiser! This years’ tournament is being held at Whittier Narrows! (Map and address located at the bottom of this page) We have players packs, Free lunch and great prizes!  All proceed go towards purchasing new communication devices for our consumers!

The tournament features a Doubles and Singles Tournament

*Doubles 9 Hole Tournament*
A CHOICESS consumer is paired with an Amateur Player playing “Best Disc” style.
-Players Pack Included
-Free Lunch Included
-Good Time Included!

*Singles 18 Hole Tournament*
Groups of 4-5 players will play the custom layout in a traditional tournament.
-Players Pack
-Free Lunch
-Prize Pool

Where your money goes:

CHOICESS communication device upgrade program was born out of the need for our consumers to communicate and to stay connected to family, friends and the outside world. Technology has advanced so fast in the last 10 years that it has been extremely difficult for our community to stay on top of emerging communication trends. Communication that was once done through old, bulky, expensive analog devices can now be done with modern, updatable technology thanks to the advancement of touch screen devices like smart phones and tablets. Our program ensures our consumers get the right modern device that fits their needs and provides training to our consumers and staff for augmentative communication, a form of communication that supplements or replaces speech or writing for those with difficulty in the production or comprehension of spoken or written language. This program ensures all our consumers, even those who can’t physically speak, will still have a voice and be heard.

1. What is Disc Golf?
A: It’s a fun, inclusive sport, that anyone at any age can play. Think Golf, but with Discs. The same General rules apply, but without all of the starchy clothes.

2. I’ve never played, what should I register for?
A. We recommend that first time players register for the DOUBLES tournament. You get to learn from a local player and play with one of our awesome Consumers. If you enjoy playing and would like to play in the SINGLES after, you can do that with an additional $25.

3. Yea, but I’m pretty great at anything I do, If I register for the SINGLES tournament, do I get to play in the DOUBLES tournament too? 
A.We recommend that first time players register for the DOUBLES tournament. But, Registering for the SINGLES tournament allows you to play in BOTH rounds.

4. I like eating food.
A. Glad you brought that up! Everyone who registers for EITHER tournament will have a free lunch!

5. What is a players pack and what comes in it?
A. Our players packs are a THANK YOU from CHOICESS to you. Thank you for making a difference in our community, and thank you for being apart of something bigger. This years player packs will include:

6. Why should I give you my money?
A. CHOICESS is an agency dedicated to improving and increasing the ability of persons with developmental disabilities who choose to live in their own homes or apartments, and have profitable jobs, develop friendships and recreate in the community of their choosing. So, if you like helping people, this is right up your alley.


Venue Website:

Santa Anita Ave. and Durfee Ave., South El Monte, California, 91733, United States

Home to a 27 hole disc golf course.